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Best Practice. Open Concept.



Minneapolis creative studio fred&co needed to get their mascot in motion. I took their incredible character and brought it to life in this short and fun walk cycle.

Partnering with DEI Creative out of Seattle, I was tasked with creating an animation of the Best Practice “origami“ logo. The logo would animate on loading the home page.



To help fred&co show off their work, I followed the lead of the “rubberhose” style character design and created movement to reinforce the vintage feel.

The development team at DEI Creative are top-knotch. I took the opportunity to discuss using Lottie instead of a .gif to provide them with an animation in code. Lower file size, customizability, and a sharper look were the results.

My Role

My Role

  • Animation
  • Motion Design
  • Art direction
  • Motion Design

Before I get into the software, I typically try to get pencil on paper, or at least the digital equivalent. In this case, I made a quick and dirty walking sample to get the pacing and weight of the character down. This helps me to slow down and understand the subject better and I can get quick feedback from my client before spending too much time on something that isn't quite right for the character.

In the beginning of any motion design piece, I make an animatic and usually do it by hand. This allows me to think freely and full understand the subject and its properties and I'm able to quickly iterate on rough ideas like the fun one above.


Original artwork by Jeff Bartell for fred&co.


Some movements are best done by hand first.

I love working with ambitious and passionate people. Interested in collaborating?


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